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The Watchmaker (Bandcamp 2014)

   Instrumental for experimental Post-Rock and Progressive Metal fusion as engineered by Chris Dreiling and mastered by Brad Smalling means that this third studio album by the four-piece of Denver area crew – Solterra according to themselves consisting for Ryan Bannigan (drums), Chris Dreiling (bass), Ryan Sims on rhythm guitars and Graham Zander on lead guitars combining their musical unique sounds and elements as Post-Rock, Jazz and Metal currently, ruled their recording jams. Influenced by names like Rush, Explosion in The Sky, Meshuggah and Mr. Bungle as the scene turns to a gloomy light situations where a man with a pistol pointing his in a very hostile manner to the yuppies head in front of him; perhaps – the entire scene not properly, setting yet but as the seven tracks telling us the real stories from Soliloquy, The Wastes, Enoch and Gaslighting on several different durations like the one minutes over thus eleven minutes more countable seconds as Future Man record blasts off your stereo in epic way performance.

Future Man: