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The Inner Road (Frontiers Records 2008)

   Seventh releasing since his first solo albums comes out to proclaiming the high tallest levels of the talents from this male singer of rock-heads experience on his own; the project of Heavy Metal baptized as the front name from the Fredrikstad, Norway’s Jorn Lande as simply, Jorn and with the team-mates like Christian Svendsen, Jan Axel Von Blomberg, Jimmy Iversen, Oystein Ringby and Tore Moren or Thomas Bekkevold recording the more amount over the Progressive Rock and Heavy Speed-Symphonic good tunes and powerful by Lonely Are The Brave which taken the listeners to the unknown landscape of imagination territory from the band’s ideas showing armory tanks with robotic feet, Viking fighters in iron armor battling the future robots, the soldiers carrying their dead friends, Elvis and Thin Lizzy statues in the middle of the desert and uncharted throne sofa owned by black birds and thus expedition finding some of the most well-known missing things or items in the modern world from the apollos onto the tanker ship and planes being hidden and stores there in the middle of nowhere.
   As the heaviest riffs and melodies and more crushing rock sounds not just for the bonus tracks but the entire tunes like War Of The World, Soul Of The Wind, Man Of The Dark and Promises are singing in a high-pitched greatness levels of vocals by Jorn and friends like you wanted to witness since a long time and captured inside the record. 

The word "Head Banging" is definitely in the top options to listening this ! 

Lonely Are The Brave: