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The Grip Tightens (Scion Audio Visual 2012)

   Exploding as the shred of virtuosic levels as frenetic by energy of demise the sounding like nothing you’ve ever heard before may causing disturbance of mayhem like a parasite eggs being injected inside your body and mind by these fucking Revocation members whose mastering the art-craft of finest metallic blast music as extreme and high techniques. Quartet of Boston, Massachusetts writing about pestilence, social criticism to chaos and death for this Technical Thrash/Death Metal ep releasing – Teratogenesis with Dan Gargiulo (guitars, vocals), Phil Dubois-Coyne (drums), David Davidson (guitar,vocals) and Brett Bamberger (bass) spawning the terror and error caused by this curved-ball parasite along twenty-one minutes and thirty-eight seconds damage onto you through Maniacally Unleashed, Spurn The Outstreched Hand and Bound By Desire as slicing as harmful like it is.