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The Galtee Hunt (Gael-Linn 1976)

   Writing their most comprehensive works since the day this Irish group going out with their fusion of Folk-Rock meets seminal Progressive traditional sounds of the Celts in the seventies as involving the unusual music-based through the involves on electronic techniques and synthesizers but mostly, the audiences shall kept remembering Clannad – led by Maire Ni Bhraonain as later being well-known as Maire Brennan to the international world of music creatively goes back not to forgetting their semi-acoustic to orchestration and even Indie-Folk tunes heritage by written down as many Gaelic music and words as possible through the band’s catalog recordings. Dense captivated beliefs to recognizing the mixed blend between local Folklore tales and history facts and Christianity roots around the people of Ireland; makes the family band members like Ciaran and Pol Brennan collaborates deeper onto working with Ian Parker, Noel Duggan and Padraig Duggan in a very long testimonial recording lists over their entire career of musical performance – just look closer and learn from Clannad’s third releasing album entitled Dulaman (Songs of The Isles) gathering the figures of the band members closer to the shore witnessing thus empty chair and table in front of them surrounded by rocks – given the meaningful tragic or happiness in mysterious uncountable misery to natural loving elements carried by Celtic Folk and World music in general played by Clannad outside near the waves and inside under the spotlights shares the good precious and the obvious bad luck moments for our lives not forgetting to respect the holy mother nature and her blessings flown upon us or irresponsible and the gods, goddesses and the nature shall thrown curses and disaster on you – perhaps, listen to what the band might going to say or sing through songs so sacred and fully old-past ancient harmonies like Cumha Eoghain Rua Ui Neill, Two Sisters, Eirigh Suas A Stoirin, D Tigeas A Damsha or Siuil A Run goes onto the English lyrics such as Two Sisters and Cucanandy/The Jug of Brown Ale … Being presented to a lovely migration of the great tribes crossing the border to a promise land beyond the vast ocean – hidden by the dense forest, carries you away steps by steps to leave your crowded town and move to the woods where fairies and good witches serving and living happily ever after to be protected by mother earth