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The Frontline Burn (Independent 2017)

   Central Asian nomadic Folk Metal clan of Heavy Metal combination for bringing the mongol tribe traditional musical sounds to the next level up worldwide as Tengger Cavalry that formed in Beijing on their early days decided to make a campaign journey as they’re moving to New York. These shamanic performance of celestial sphere worship to the sky father within mythology and tengrism onto the formation precision of Nature Ganganbaigal (all vocals, instruments), Uljmuren (morin khuur), Greg Baker (bass), Randy Tesser on drums as well as Pat Reilly the guitarist dressing out showing the cultural barbarism in motions or interesting facts that the member changes and additional trad-musical instruments like igil may enriched the standard extreme bursts the metallic and tribal collision over the band’s performance even though the eleventh recordings of battle axe displays for Die On My Ride didn’t quite rating them greater anymore but means some brute-unique combined.

Still your ears might listen to something unusual onto Melodic Folk/Heavy Metal variation with harmonies far far away from china, Mongolia and beyond the gobi desert territory. The fighting, struggles and attacks in sudden goes by the performance via Prayer, Strike, Ashley, Cursed, Independence Day, Snow and We Will Survive as the offerings wish upon To The Sky carried the conqueror nation towards the west. 

Die On My Ride: