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The Deathbringer (Fighter Records 2018)

   Witnessing with the world as the once our hero – iron Man has turning evil and there’s a new butcherer in town by the name of Iron Hunter as the bunch of musician off Vigo, Pontevedra – Galicia build their heavy Metal/Speed-Thrash powered in science fiction active while the destruction continues as these five-piece metal-heads local: Emi Ramirez (vocals), Alex Sixstrings and Paco Paz on guitars to Alex Quteiro on drums and Anxo Silva the bass player supporting the killings acted by the infamous flying steel-suits avenger ripping people heads off and slaughtering innocence within Mankind Resistance as Starchaser, Blood Fire & Steel, Beyond The Black Hole, I’ll Die For You and Save The World aren’t too much an option kind for Street Warriors afraid of the death from above, In The Heat of The Night.

Be fuckin’ worried now … 

Mankind Resistance: