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The Dawn Sleeper (Not On Label 2013)

   The continuity generations praising the harmonic melodies vocals influenced by the big names of AOR Rock culture of the seventies to the late eighties by glooming their essential experimented Progressive Pop to Metal and Rock in general vibrant towards killing of the sacred buck in the forest by the first couple of loyal mankind living or cast out from heaven of the outer space to this promising new planet of the blue and Mandroid Echostar was born out of thus copulating under the great moonlight signs to blast the rocking sounds on the stereo over the blending Speed Metal, Progressive Rock and harmonies of high techniques here for the extended play Citadels record presenting their heritage local of Guelph, Ontario similar to the name like Coheed and Cambria which compels by this group through the formation of Stephen Richards and Sam Pattison on guitars, Michael Ciccia and James Krul on double crisp and clean vocals/guitar with Matt HK on drums and Adam Richards on bass guitar – carried their mystical fusion over the self-written arrangements explosive in awesome melodies via Ancient Arrows, A Death Marked Dream, Haunted Vows and To The Wolves as you might go fascinating to have more addiction on them and the collision of sounds energetic and mysterious shall rules the new world of perspective closely near perfect not to miss by the audiences from this great band works !