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The Chain Spellbound (Epic 1989)

May sounded like they’re related to the Hair Metal group – Ratt but this older verified band formed on the late of the seventy-nine by leading singer Rick Czerny and lead guitarist Spencer Sercombe slightly, put their louder solos and licks onto the top performance which didn’t really make the world cares fortheir existence but once you listening to one of their rocking records like this second releasing – Law Of The Order with their team-mates like Chris Heilman, Walt Woodward III or Greg Ellis on this great Glam-Rock and Heavy Metal blended sounds over Hard Rock enclosure sitting and make their own portrait for performing Bad For Each Other, Passion To Ashes, Somebody’s Falling, Why Should I Believe, Get Some Strange and Ready Or Not did something weirdy awesome to your older ears for having the melodious tunes through harder edgy and ballads that Shark Island has made there to a legacy of the past of the lasted eighty-nine era. 

Law Of The Order: