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Teenage Knife Gang (Dark Riders 2013)

   Fighting Rock n’ Roll temptations to keeping the spirits of rocking on goes spreading and never dies as thus drumming bangs techniques and groovy riffs onto the soloist six-strings best efforts from these Sheffield’s rock-teams considered for the literary cautions for fans as The Spider, The Owl, The Shark, The Fox and The Tiger just repeating the very awesome better tricks and further spiraling magic of Modern Rock and Hard Rock side by side a side-kick to each other you can call – Adam Irwin, Mark Thomas, Ozzy Lister, Pete Spiby and Si Atkinson performing their rendering on Stoner Rock, Doom Metal but the main character for the band must be the harder edgy sounds. 
   This Savage Land reflecting the case of over-populated cave men where the male must bring many kids to feed and protects as the purple tribes must migrating again to avoid the extreme weather that changed for centuries or decades but still humanity keeps growing until it’s out the limit and the government shall punishing you up. Stick It to The Man, Balls, Raised By Wolves, Trouble, Knock You Out and Sleepy Demon as the closing title – kinds of creepy to peep. Reduced your regular plastic uses and stop cropping the the filed cause the world is not enough to mankind. 

Young Tongues, Teenage Knife Gang and Creatures sounded powerful as well as Black Spiders unit ruling the concrete music program in such a rare limited and more study on the outside world by the children. 

This Savage Land: