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Tbilisi 02/02 (‘59SRS 2018)

   Безнадёжен (Hopeless), Мечтать (Dream), Простые обещания (Simple Promises), Километры (Kilometers) and more local dialects and lyrics written in the band’s heritage of Cyrillic letters may giving your brain a bit problems to liking it but after listening the first meet within these Krasnodar, Russia Pop-Punk team calling themselves All Four Cups; you and friends might going to like how they’re composing a catchy products here on the popular sounds recording debut entitled День сурка or Groundhog Day and as a trio the band can also delivering melodic riffs and choruses to sing along together – if you understand Russian but keep on listen for them and skate along until the sun goes down and helping the bird to have its freedom back outta the cage …