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Super Trouper (Nuclear Blast 2001)

   Hundreds of Heavy Metal heads hated ABBA music ?
You think so … if one heard there’s a Various A Tribute To ABBA or ABBAMetal; as the Symphonic Rock meets Doom Metal meets Extreme Speed Metal and many more joining hands to celebrates these non-fellow country-men and women but popularized as legends as this compilation brings back some memories over thus classic pop tracks made by the brothers and sisters or orgy couples off the pop Swedish group ABBA and here we got kinds of blasting versions or rocking abrupt covers off fourteen national class Heavy Metal bands of the Germany scene loving to carried themselves onto giving respects onto track like Voulez-Vouz, Thank You For The Music, Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight), Therion doing a spooky version for Summer Night City, Paradox storming the S.O.S, Spiral Power with Chiquitita, Sargant Fury’s Eagle to Waterloo and One of Us by Flowing Tears or Nation really caught the interesting digi-data sounds for anyone whom wants to hearing ABBA in a metallic version will love to having this package of noisy Pop-Metal sound-proof !