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Sunbled Augur (Independent 2014)

   The brothers Chad and Noah Starrak manage to composing their wildest ideas for thus massive ocean within the metallic distorting crescendo eruptions rather than spreading whispers as the edging closer out the fog and around the feet drowning into the lake written the poem of destructive musical project over the mixtures of experimental melodic Pot-Dream Rock onto Post Metal and Psychedelic Ambient Electro in Shoegaze or Folk tuning through even as clumsy as Cyberpunk under the hazy fashioning scaffolds chipped chops riff-age and seminal spiritual bits failed to work for a better living but sorrow messages sending to the face of sun-lion’s face and the signs of inverted ritualistic pentagram from Zol onto [Animalion] the record.San Marcos project band releasing Laocoon Part 1: Eidos to Lacoon Part 3: Blood Eagle as well as Burned Then Drowned reflects the disembodied billow on cantiles moan like salt to the wounded foot feelings as your focus and main frames collapses as the space trip started.