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Strip Me Down (Geffen Records 1991)

   New York representation for joining the trends of Hair Rock glamour past off the nineties would definitely rocking echoes through Tyketto crew consisted for Steve Augeri on lead vocals, P.J Zitarosa on lead guitars, Jaimie Scott on bass guitar, Brooke St. james on guitars to keyboardist Bobby Lynch or drummer Michael Clayton formed themselves since as far as the late eighties before releasing this awesome debut and favorable album – Don’t Come Easy which consisting the rest of the written self goodie Glam Metal or Hair Rock sounds for the ages as Forever Young to Wings onto Seasons or Burning Down Inside leads the band’s repertoire records to meet the consumption for rock public demands.

Would you ever know them by the name of Tyketto ? that’s depends on how far you go listening for the group’s greatest efforts right on this catchy rocks studio album. 

Don't Come Easy: