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Stratocasper (Parachute Records 2015)

Sifting arts of the music that made you questioning the whole small universe within you in a measurement blends over Electronic-Ambient, Industrial-Synths or New Wave Techno into a creative opening gate tunes about shadow creatures performing sounds in mysterious excitement and groundbreaking inventions dedicated for humanity’s loss of communication and further science explorations objecting ourselves in the mastering opus on three tracks recording in Music For Chairs by Luca Affatato using tools of hissy distorts and worldwide mess as Bop project.

A single player creations that gives you Tech-House mechanic sounds here upon DNA 762 Woman or Riflessione Acuta as experiments via developing strange instrumental sounds marking their five minutes or four lesser as seconds following them counts too. 

Feel the odd-realm for written tracks produced by Minimal Wave/melding Post-Punk and knowledge brought off the influences from the likes for Mike Patton or Boards of Canada. 

Music For Chairs: