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Storm.Boi Prophecy (Independent 2017)

   It’s like this self-released over shambala fest music recorded inside the submarine underwater through ritual thriving calculation sounds available as Alex E the DJ, producer, artist effects age and introduced onto Djing and Electronic Music culture appearance as subversive creation scene blended to Bass music melodic and captive beats and surreal atmosphere comes slower or intriguing as free as the lead luminosity off the Montreal raised project of Goodsteppa on stage over Wonders – the record showing ancient messages in a greater mysterious feelings captured which goes tremble by formation forms through the arranging tracks like Share Knowledge, Elixir, Just So You Know (vip) (feat. Scoutskey) through Whirlwind Chimes, Phoenix and Welcome Back We Love You blessing the infinity beats of smothered motion sparks from the depth within and mystic signals like your interpretations on the space-intelligence extra-terrestrial existence and their high technologies through music of Dubstep, Electronic, Future Garage and instrumental Hip-Hop down-tempos.