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Stagnant Waves (Self-Released 2017)

   Emo-Rock screaming vocals opens the tunes right away as one exactly, holds the play button to listening on the quartet group of guitarist/vocals Liam Pannell, bassist Aubrey Guidry, drummer/vocals Mathew Meyer and violinist Elizabeth Yi recording the freaky seminal metallic grungy Post-Punk crazy fast and rebellious by anger tricks entitled Vis Nervosa as Backyard Camping from Madison, Alabama used to know for three-piece blocking the sweet harmonies within their harsh music that bursts depression or even hatred over the regret and misfortunes signing by the lilies and those blast tracks like The Waterfall, Ataud, Blood Spatters and No One for ejecting the amount of hates and anger inside their bundle of dismiss to the opening air as they’re faded out but the angst of the suburban youth feelings – either being cured or unwell as the new day comes shines not as whispering but spoken words that burns like turpentine.

Vis Nervosa: