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Space Cadet Drone (Old Glory Records 1993)

   Emo-Core landowning class-acts as this quartet of New Jersey comes with the more raw Punkish as emotional as existed in genre where the days must be on their sides with many American kids confusing to go from being a junkie to a better choices but in blur cannot finding answers – was where Emo-Rock comes as a savior in defining sounds and varied tempos to the characteristic introspection within the energy of Punk-Rock rebels blended by left-wing politics but trying to do non-violent independency not like those peasant farmers whose starting the revolution culture in Chinese history; giving ideas for Adam Goldstein, Bull Gervasi, Chris Fry and Jeff Fisher to forming Policy Of 3 blaring sounds like a hammer fist of youth united against commercialism, conspiracy and tyranny via Hardcore music.

   Dead Dog Summer was the debut record that comes only to see how the band stop continuing their steps since that but the legacy that carries 1%, Mind Over Matter, 44 To Go, Of The Wolf and Let It Build shall remains in some hearts of the entrepreneur who loves to change the world – a better beliefs erasing poverty and adding justice by levels. 

Dead Dog Summer: