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South Lamar Chin (Bandcamp 2018)

   Fast, anti-commercial and so close to slam your face harder like the skater groups whom did care not about how you think they’re acting by principles better and different than yours and the entire whole community of colored hatred and loving fans of Fake News because the band naming it themselves so nobody understands to damn much not to believe it but their music and tracks or lyrics taken from the Gold Coast’s daily experiences and implementations through screaming emotional protesting onto melodic Hardcore Punk cross-over as sharp and edgy in distortions to beheading the injustice heads in top-leaders of their locally government putting thus advertisement about dropping vote to preserving; let’s start exploiting been in struggles – fought by these activists just like the truth for Ewwww! picturing the Australian habits to drink much, picking nosey buggers like Asians, moon-butting in public, wasting too much trees via toilet paper; unemployment villages and puking stupid anywhere they go for drinks and drunk isn’t practically – portraying everyone there but the next generations must not follow the false steps their grandpas and papas did anymore but have to fuckin’ changed.

   A Trip to Toowoomba to Pick Up a Cat, The Long Haul, 20 Failures, Lead Balloon and Backwards Hats and Black T-Shirts really kicking the brains of the so-called jerky jocks followers for trends that kills Alternative Rock several years ago wasn’t Fake News.