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Soufre Mercure (Fading Records 2018)

   Means closely explaining the magician from the tarot cards reading as it appears in spread; pointing the talents, capabilities or resources not-queue in disposal to succeed as fully potential of one’s living steps rather be hold back as some transformation needed to do for something. 

   One and the rest of the listeners needing to know about not only the lucks and unlucky business surrounding them which displaying there by the duo musician to their Prog-Rock existence as abrice “Chfab” Chouette doing the keyboards, guitars, voice, recorder, whistling and percussions while Patrick “Paskinel” Dufour collaborates through his plays using fender rhodes, keyboards, all drums programming and chimes in the release album for the second time by Alco Frisbass on Le Bateleur (the mage) on cutting someone’s head and tricking the audiences from the stage so that they all can cherish the show in the busy street market placing the bets or just not too ignoring the promotion and the purposes in an actual underground sounds in order to get blessings in Prog-Rock Milano-area labeled as Avant-Grade progressions flown within the longer tracks releasing in Les Cartes Vivantes, Arcane Majeur and Ombre Terre (pigmented soil of the landscape) stronger and mostly, didn’t give vocalization too darn much but sounding mysteriously, like thus old horror movie classic by some local directors been related onto this works. 

Le Bateleur: