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Smothering Moths (Independent 2018)

   Piano tinged like nightmarish classical play opens the beginning of thus frightened moments that concerned of how a Melodic Death Metal binge-sounds come out from the slowest harmony to the metallic blasters recorded by Vaelmyst or wael-mist covered the body of the slain by literature meaning for slaughter-mist as these Los Angeles – California crew leads by the figures off songwriter Ronny Lee Marks (guitarist) and Jonathan V (vocals/lyrics) with bassist Jeffrey Martin and Tom Warner on guitars; making their highlighted good Prog-Metal releases meets extremities growler music like a burning castle of the masked princess of darkness and plague cheering the attackers that the raiding won’t spoil her wine-drinking time after torturing her victims in a dungeon.

   Foremost, you shall witnessing the fast-seminal tricks of riffs versus drumming slams as the themes moved between the scientific and magical mystic regions under the pagan cult back-pass tracking like Watchers, In Darkness In Tongues and Dear Esther promising how the extended play records – Earthly Wounds works to marked the destruction and last laugh for the next life revenge ... 

Earthly Wounds EP: