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Simplicity Waller (Big Beat Records 2003)

   Hippie babes of the past seventy-era being acclaiming spots to be reworked and compiled within their previous works and recordings – perhaps, lost behind but now it’s time for the newer generations or the older folks to re-listening back for the descriptions of your San Francisco all-female popular sounds group named (The) Ace Of Cups comprising on Diane Vitalich on drums, Mary Ellen Simpson on lead guitars, Denise Kaufman on guitars/harmonica as well as Marilyn Hunt playing organ/piano and Mary Gannon the bass player surfing back the ears over these sixties meet the seventies harmony upon Pop Rock sounds as percussion and harmonica to the organ finding their leading roles not just the guitars and the American band’s vocalist whom similar to Courtney Love from the past times alerting the listeners about this compilation record – It’s Bad For You But Buy It! Fills within the blending combinations off Garage Pop, Folk Rock, Psychedelic Blues music sharing the sparkles of a flower generation spirits to the weed smoker atmosphere ladies once looking delicious – don’t you think ?

   Go for all the tunes there and relax as the weekend must bringing to you happiness and sunshine – so did these girls; singing Looking For My Man, Afro Blue, Stones, Glue, I Wanna Testify, Gospel Song, Circles, Catch You Later and Hear Every Sound into Taste of One that can make you sleep better to stop being bug by the crowded populations around you just for a couple minutes.