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Sieg Sieg (Wax Trax! Records 1991)

   Brute and favorable as the group solidifying their images on being rebellious, freaky, full of political attentions and protesting harsh like tomorrow’s end in flames as those apocalyptic, conspiracy, digitally in extensive liner notes to disturbing images for the front cover as the Germans Industrial Metal legends – KMFDM as always being led and drags by the inevitable participated off Sascha Konietzko the leader and founder brought his troops like Lucia Cifarelli, Mark Durante, Morgan Adjei, Rudolph Naomi, Steve White to Abby Travis and Jules Hodgson, etc; documenting their rich history through controversy and dark levels through the fallen of Hitler’s Nazi, the reunion of east and west parts by the collapsing Berlin wall, previous cold war to espionage and crime activities as modern world giving birth as an optional behind thus secret plans by the giant corporate of new world order rulers all over the planet. 
   Advance nations enslaving the third world countries using colonialism, economy ruins and social destruction in the name of democracy and free thinking just like how possible happenings in their own domestic country conditions as new party emerges and over-rules everything under the tricky fake news and artificial manual directing populist laws just like the themes carried in this record of What Do You Know, Deutschland as the technology viruses and disease attacking people’s minds and souls which decadence and millennial years opening opportunities to battle each other in many terms as the next world wars abruptly not far to happens to us - as the war drums being banged hard as the final signs. 
Excellent raw noises, harsh vocals and metallic live music blending via Industrial Rock and Heavy Metal onto Electronic package through Me I Funk, Zip, Kickin’ Ass, Conillon, Itchy Bitchy, Positiv, Lufthans, The Unrestrained Use of Excessive Force or Deutche Schuld blasting and kept thus extra filth fusion for anti-religious tyranny and government slavery plans as opposed together by people for the people and from the people against the false greater good deeds.

What Do You Know, Deutschland: