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Si Vis Pacem (Invasion Records 1995)

   The nineties essential underground of Extreme Heavy Metal announced as Death Metal – as the more expansive brutality by the bashing sounds disturbance plays in live music instruments standard as the band for example on these Emden, Lower Saxony self-crushing written lyrics among the gore growlers between death, blood and tortures as returning for the intricate oozed Classic weaving aggressions by Vomiting Corpses as being reissue and re-mastered on forwarding attacks exclusively, for the fanatic only fans of Death Metal and Old School Goregrind; horrific and great perfoeming by Frank Spinka, Tom Zorn(vocals/guitars), Mike Dormann (vocalist) and Heiner Saliger (drums)as some of them were the ex-members of such bands like Anasarca, Liquid God, Fearer or Fearless compiling this general full length album with those demo tapes as the alien pilots trying to win the air fights for succeeded Coma: The Sphere of Innocence bringing most of the devastating tracks of Death Metal brutal over Banished from Remembrance, Dogmas Ignored, When Doves Cry, Ice-Age of The Common Sense and Island of Sorrow or demoing songs alike Cause of Misery, Operation Desertstorm and Screaming Spirits may haunts your imagination about war of the worlds beginning with the attack above Los Angeles flight space by airstrikes.

Coma The Sphere Of Innocence: