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Showreel Mouth (Bandcamp 2018)

   Why Djrum can be read as DJ Rum is an actual same person aliases for Felix Manuel from England – UK wouldn’t be that mysterious but as the sounds of his worked-recording releases using mostly, programming projects, noise-sampling and mixture of synthesizers to live musical instruments really caught the proper news in abstract viewing through the weirder artificial drawing of inconsistency over Portrait With Firewood carrying the male’s ideas of thoughts behind his glasses eyes as personal for the body and soul dated emotionally, for the turbulence feelings of the vivid sonic approaching as confessional inherent inspiration melancholy fell for piano harmonies, solace of slower beats and further grey area borderlines as a big part of the DJ’s fragility over Sex, Waters Rising or perhaps, the others such as Unblocked, Blue Violet or Sparrows.

Are you sure that you’re a humanoid not some kind of Creature in two parts incredibly understanding music condition for your sake ? 

One needs to answer that after the listening and be honest to themselves. 

Portrait With Firewood: