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Selamat Malam (Kepalagajah 2018)

   Cutey female vocals and presence within the elusive newer thing in format for Pop-Indie and Alternative softer Folk modern as the build-up spirits and soulful acoustic feelings written onto lyrics pops out through the ideas from these trio from Yogyakarta’s Chick and Soup introduced here as Gusti Arirang (lead vocals, glockenspiel, guitars), Margareta Danastri (vocals, melodic/blow-organ) and Nikolas Nino (vocals, lead guitars) being existed to shares their joyful musical and happiness exterior atmosphere to blossoming within thus self-written works inside the cheerful track-listing on Singgah (or temporary staying/resides) that melting hearts and romance bursts like syrup of sweetness from the bottle soda as your Indie-Pop heavenly local taste will be fulfilling there by Jadi Siapa Hari Ini ? (trying to ask oneself to be true to the surroundings not faking it), Amplop (Envelope), Lusi Bermimpi (Lucy’s Dreaming), Favourite Afternoon or Chicken with The Bubble Gum means little teasing twist and no shouts from the calmer points music shall leads your Brand New Day not becoming a sickening day but things got cured by Chicken Soup fairly – books and music sounds as natural pinkish as peaceful. 

Get it, friends ?  (smiles)