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Secedeme (Promotodo Mexico 2011)

   JotDog II: Turista Del Amor creates the tales which used to be fictional as futuristic but then turns out to be not a lie or slipped of the tongue by some traveler of times telling this neaty creative Mexico City crew of consisting Maricela Morales or Maria Barracuda Rodriguez (vocals, lyrics), Jorge “La Chiquis” Amaro (guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals) with Alejandro “Midi” Ortega sounding similar like the Electronic-Pop version for the answer to Swedish’ Roxette in the nineties era.

   Writing their own sweeter and also arousing in a very gladly ways to listening on by the audiences even don’t have to get too drunk to liking them already – here under the Geisha Vaquera (Cowgirl Geisha), Pardoname (Forgive Me), Corazon De Metal, Nada Me Importa (Nothing Matters), Lluva De Estrellas (Stars Rain), Ya Se Murio (He’s Already Dead) and Dame Tu Carino releases in such a good compositions to make you loving them shortly and the cover album also desiring the eyes feast on not just seeing the band duo but the delicious looking dark-haired female accompanied by her best man using the sleigh of magic to fly high the sky and treasures hidden on the right place.