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Seams Meds (Self-Released 2016)

   The planet bombed and slowly demolished is the end finale story ever told by the super-human hero whom cannot saving anything he loved the most there. Gaining attention by the creativity ideas off Brian Salazar to the project of excitement and fresh version on Artistic Punk-Art Rock sounds as piano tinged symphonies closely, opening the visualization an intro through Bones Of A Dying World around two seconds more before Iron Clouds describing the massive explosions marking the extinction of ordinary beings erased by the greedy paranoid and tyrant minds whom wanted easily on conquering the earth as this experimental Goth-Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative Pop and Techno music blended well to soundtrack-ing the devastation of our only home in a many years making and ruined days on Chesty Vulva release via Consumed Culture.
   Reacting right with the brought of weirdness below and no-perfection above while in the middle this Grand Junction, Colorado project confuses to end the reign in the beginning of the end of the beginning in something but musical performance to the last audience left to watch. All songs written and composed reserved in the album alike thus songs – Apocalyptomania, We Are Machines, Santa Built Prisons and Sycophant laughing endlessly towards Funny Thing, Run In Place where there’s no escapes for the poor family from the hideous disaster as distorting rocks or implementations of odd beats and underground screamo finally tells the truth in honest about Astral Plane Jane that has left the planet with migrating rich people and important persons several hours before the final blows. 

Those filthy motherfuckers ! 

Consumed Culture: