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Scratch Cat Rot (Sub Pop 2016)

   Substantial force of deranged distorted sounds for the influences liking band’s names and their distinctive rock-sounds or Industrial-Rock sounds as Marilyn Manson, Devo, Shoplifting, The Mars Volta onto Nine Inch Nails or Rage Against The Machine for thus head-banging sessions over Neo Wave grungy pleasant formed by L1AM, N8 or J9 by themselves encoding characters as Kent – Washington’s Seattle launch rockets to blow your catalog for a better music choice. 
   With anything conditioned for the worst and emerging smashing unit together as Liam Downey, Jeannine Fowler or Nathan Rodriguez pulls their mountainous clip about surfers, standing in a shore figure bursting thus experiments in social media bonded within So Pitted as a group releasing Neo. 
   The pale shadows seeking justice for the dead man really matters to commemorates but don’t forget that you always can visiting your fiancĂ©e on the other side of thus concrete buildings of modern cities same like the songs of Pay Attention To Me, Woe, Holding The Void, The Sickness and No Nuke Country and Get Out of My Room or Chop Down That Tree meant to be something in its lyrics.