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Schattenlied Leben Das (Independent 2010)

   Meaning in german would be not as delighted as you think it is – Leichenbrand or Cremation Remains a Markus Stocker playing all the instruments of live noisy musical disturbance as the Bavarian legacy sounds in harmonic creepy or dark romance suddenly, clashing obtains about experimented Gothic Black Metal writing the darkness, death, winter and the ninth recordings of a quiet mysterious murderer scene which showing us blood spilling over the white satin and terrible knife hold-up by the hand carries the background horror theories brought by the atmosphere or smells of defining Black Metal plus Industrial Electro show in local lyrics forcing everyone to either liking it to then, do their own suicidal attempts or dislike it and being terrorized for the rest of the lonely nights since. Fabrikat Fleisch from Leichenbrand filling thus ten tracks such as Als der Weltenbrecher Starb, Stille, Und mein Lachen verstummt or Zum Schluss bleibt nur der Kampf might spreading such a tremendous depressive realm not just by learning legacy for mythology but searching around your existence where evil dwells, the beast born in form of a man and the disease captures the heartless souls driving out to kill by envy, greed and lust combined.

Fabrikat Fleisch: