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Saturday Show Guilt (Bandcamp 2006)

   Rocky Redford looking to the blue sky; watching the airplane crossing without leaving any chemtrail smokes there, a cat jumping to catch a butterfly in the grassy park and the trees really fresh without pollution and those telecommunication tower build for clearing the signals to sharing the music project on combination of Electronic/Ambient Geek and Lo-Fi by the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania guy outtakes through synth recording, piano, beats and try-out singing not for contest and one might like it honestly as thus a bit sad lyrics and sounds from Rocky Redford on Bread & Circuses brings the world a small charming wisdom tunes through Shapeshifter Chameleon, Maura’s Moving It, White County Johnson Laydown, Mental Health Day, No Dinero or Leaving The Scene of Your Crime sounded lacks of greed and business grips as artistic measurement being pushed frontal to filling the gap in our hearts on how to preserving lives and the nature of the planet rather than cropping it within advance technology for the take-over and the re-colonized limitless; from Montreal To Brazil onto Jersey Farm Fresh Cocoon !

Bread & Circuses: