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Samsara Vino (Not On Label 2014)

   Different cities in America of The States United serving the audience a plenty rockers as well as the legendary Minneapolis, Minnesota’s not just being recognizable for Prince, Soul Asylum and Soundset Music Festival – Punk-Rock and Hardcore goes breeding well too here and just like that you got this melodic harsh sounds from Class Of 86 by their releasing on this Future On Fire.
Seminal to the early sound from Metallica and raging social-activists Punk Rock bands influentially available through the group’s track-listed power chords, pounding drumming and rhythmic verses over ten songs within the tales of a little boy pops onto the land of the nowhere with sun flowers and giant insects trying to reach his home world using the broken radio within thus attacking moments for daily outlooks description seeing another day on hope, spirits and struggling eager to wins over the bad lucks or terrible news blasting harder for example to you not to stop doing what you loved to do in this granted lives; Canno Fodder, Mickeymousebullshit, Casualties of More and the epic track – House Dream may smashing the time of cold where the lost can be found within magic and never giving up motto.

Future On Fire: