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Sailin’ Buddha Cheese (Heavy Psych Sounds 2018)

   From Hardcore previous crew banished by the time’s up existence which even popularity cannot save them; reborn another darker entity figures communion together in a joining force entry musical – still performing the loves for Extreme Heavy Metal different directions as TONS becoming thus Sludge-Doom Metal of Italian consisted members such as Medusa/Noinfo drummer Marco Dinocco, Paolo the ex-singer of Lamantematica/Pancarre and guitarist once the rock poster boy with The Redrum’s Steuso. Blending their fusion of heavy riffs, rock Psychedelic into Stoner spirits of the free world off the conservatives shallow minded; symbolizing space universe over mountains and Filthy Flowers of Doom that burst in Grungy screaming pigs and thunderous amalgamation in riot vicious sublime sounding so fuckin’ heavy ! Welcome to the garden grows the inverted tuning explosions erupting your ears via Abbath’s Psychedelic Breakfast, Those of The Unlighter, Girl Scout Cookie Monster onto 99 Weed Balloons which seems to be fermented like a bad parody from other tunes wrote down before them.

Filthy Flowers of Doom: