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Sadranan Replaced (Paperplane Recording 2013)

   Basically, it is sounded like a villager’s Folk-Pop independent forming as the group named Answer Sheet within the formation members of local musicians given to play their loveable music instruments as they wanted to through Wafiq Giotama (vocals, ukulele, live looping), Suryo Baskoro (guitars), Abdullah Haq (bass, backing vocals) and Mas Gilang Karebet (vocals, ukulele, keyboards) whose left the band long after they’re getting fit together as a unit of natural catchy sound-proof creations of mind-thoughts helping many souls to listening and rethinking about celebrating the differences in unity like the country’s long-time principle told them to.

   Now as a trio releasing the debut album called Chapter 1: Istas Promenade; writing their English lyrics with Indonesian cultures and further goes internationally national in harmony colors as the sounds of the relaxing like paddy farms and fish ponds of the birds chirping in the morning glory as the farmers and others waking up finding that they’re so lucky living in this archipelago just like Yogyakarta kids praising their good life singing Riverside, One Last Smile, Stay Leave, A Regretful Season or The Pleasant Drink of United Ink and Hills of Rabbit Face as well as A Girl From Kyoto mixing the stories and smiles in a bi-lingual lyrics tales that showing how the real smart Indonesian people whom loves to seeking or spreading friendships and peace rather than doing violence.    

Chapter 1 Istas Promenade: