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Rumahku Sampai Tua (Hemagita Records 1995)

   Pop-Rock singer from Jakarta realizing her dreams to success in the medio times off ninety three during the struggle and advance era for Indonesian Pop culture in modern music late but not really forgotten though – for her honesty lyrics in bahasa and local listeners loved to hear mostly, anything from her delighted vocals known well as Ovie Ariesta or her stage name: Oppie Andaresta with thus social critics and wiser values from this minang woman written and arranged with some of her good friends on Potlot alley known to be the homebase for semi-legendary rock group Slank and Indra Q fortress.
As go Bluesy and Rock-Pop(ing) roots blended with some Hard Rock to Reggae and ballads for daily themes uses; the second album entitled Bidadari Badung (Rebel Angel) caught the various interests over many audiences in the country and neighboring places on her presence and ears would love to have listening for the Alternative Pop sounds that comes out catchy, groovy or smartly protesting the old-fashioned views of the society that seemed to chaining the freedom will to move on over the teenagers and people to changed. 
Ingat-Ingat Pesan Mama, Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang, Holiday Sendiri and Bibie leads your interpretation to cleverness and independencies forwarding the glimpse of female ideas to rules her own manageable lives without being oppressed.