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Room Of Sleep (Black Mark Production 1993)

   Whether you got the meeting over these Bollnas – Sweden unit forms of Heavy Metal band as unacknowledged of the new sounds evolutions or the reconstructive institution for Morgana Lefay (as taken off the seductress enemy female mage of both Merlin and Arthur) the mother of Mordred the terrifying which consisted for guitarists Peter Grehn or Tony Ericksson; bass player Fredrik Lundberg, Pelle Akerlind (drums), vocalist Charles Rytkonen or even the ex-members such as drummer Robin Engstron to Daniel Persson and Stefan Jonsson on guitars; Joakim Lundberg (bass) or Tommi Karppanen moving the results of winning metallic fully Hard Rock sounds and Progressive Symphonic through the third recording – The Secret Doctrine which used to be related on telling us the previous story on the beginning of time when merlin still young and the wizard world might gets older in conflict before the new born king was prophecies to be born and raising rules as displays and intricate of magical signs and spells goes roaring through Ally of Oaks, Soldiers of The Holy Empire, The Mirror, State of Intoxication, Lord of The Rings isn’t too surprising to catch here as well as Nowhere Island or Paradise Lost forge the opening book of knowledge passing through generations being fell onto the wrongful hands.

The world then at the stakes of emerging endless wars erupts since; only the powerful mage can restore the holy fire’s order from chaos …

The Secret Doctrine: