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Robot Parade (Self-Released 2009)

   Frankfurt’s extreme noise terror for answer to the most irrelevant sounds of the Death Metal blending to Sludge meets the Dark Metal and Doom crusher unit of trio as Gorgonoisid just releasing their ultimate destruction album entitled – Gorgonoisid I describing themselves a primitive Permian’s Black Metal and Noise-Rock out of Germany town with members: Dee, S.M and RL94 as like the moment captured within the front cover showing you how the early primate jumping onto the sabertooth tiger not as a prey anymore but the hunter as the tiger being hunted then in reverse.

Five terrible chaotic themes on individuals hatred feelings over the planet and the citizens blasting Train Insane, Mechanical Disease and Launch Failure; portraying the upside down avenging will find the way in time attacking your throat or any of unguarded weakness like ambitions of Highlander or Robin L. 

Gorgonoisid I: