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Threat Sobriety (Tiny Dragon Music 2018)


   Metallic-based background of Hardcore and Crust Punk anti-social rock-heads with their long hair head-banging as the fusion of silly Ska-Reggae comes to squeezing tits before going back to the mosh-pit circling extreme ways choices only there as the crew from Las Vegas, Nevada comprising for Brendan Seller on voclas, Saxon Perez on lead guitar, Brian Dugan on rhythm guitars, Robby Malvin the bass player and drummer Alan Madrigal under the influenced for the heaviest motions through the likes on Slayer, Black Flag, The Exploited, Minor Threat,  Bad Brains and Leftover Crack, etc opening thus vortex from and to somewhere in another dimension non-accidentally or planned as discovered by the ordinary person from the pocket notes signature letter to solving and Anti-Vision releasing records of the self-titled truly not as like your average Alternative Rock tunes by attitude here because everything sounded raw and fast and almost annoying to catch by stupid generation people whom eating too damn much commercialism trash making them didn't see the non-ambiguous colossal matters left behind by the group's tracks such as American Scheme, Destination: Outer Space, Skitzo, Old Man Clint, Alcoholocaust and Regulator came crushing like JD's Revenge: Modern Art in Urban America telling us the wrong side of the rich minded rulers enslaving the middle class while consuming the poor in hierarchy of the triangle structures.