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Returning Impossibilities Part 3 (Rocket Recordings 2014)

   Don’t know about The Heads ? fine, nevermind – cause this solo project actually formed by fellow Bristolians Paul Allen of The Heads with Jesse Webb and Gareth Turner trio whose making their own formula among the likings for experimenting Stoner Rock and Psychedelic fusions by naming themselves Anthroprophh and releasing some of their tougher materials like this album fully called Outside The Circle which goes showing the listed tracks over there as mystic as occultist possible guaranteed onto the shaking foundation of your usual rock sessions within the trio’s long jams and progressive rocking multi-skilled building music for themselves not public consumption via Albrechtdron, Gottmelt, Space Box Zonk Machine to Crow of St. Luckwell or even the longest title like this one – Detached and in its Own Mind Riding a Ghost Train Through a Fairground it had Built Itself just like a visionary looking the prediction tells us about 2013 and She Told Me I Was Die kinds of surprising moments attached here before your pleasure timing to listen and think ends.

Outside The Circle: