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Returned Swallows (Bandcamp 2018)

   Describing for enchanted in this debut around places with the music written by the arranger Adam Vokac, Ondrej Svoboda, Hugo Marek and Stepan Bina as lyrics created by Adam as the writer and mixed , recorded and produced by Martin Baluber – this Prague, Czechia’s Psych-Pop or Neo-Psychedelic Alternative music influenced by the 60’s Pop music as retro as the painting of the great city on the front cover by Hugo Marek while the group perfectly, sounded closer like The Beatles releasing their self-titled record of Purplefox Town caught in the middle between sunrise and colder winter gaining good attentions if you pay some towards them about Orchard, Lakeside, Quagmire, Moorland and Sunken Cathedral – are some of the band’s repertoire for this effort. Harmony and melodies attached tighter as thus retro sounds compels the hunger of the listeners liking the past favorite taste off the sixties and the era before auto-cad taking control.

Purplefox Town: