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Resplendence (Bandcamp 2017)

   Plural significant and planet earth inhabitants joining their union as a band playing some of the best pro-techniques of Progressive Post-Rock with the quartet Stefan Steyn and David Houston (guitars), Danny Harris (drums) and Mark Woolfrey (bass) as OhGod (the group) releasing their chained catastrophic sounds in their determining efforts and works through The Great Silence album divided the in between borderline off the dark skies and the universal icy snow-landscape as the Cape Toen crew writing their seems to be the awesome penned songs composed, arranged and performance differently, heroic as the commencing taught for more epic moments just about to follow the record completely based in science as Gravitate, Pylons, Hungry Ghosts, Kepler and Introspection crossing the invisible bridge and jumping the faith leap in extra lapse and as the band bursting out the distortion and the rhythmic pedals from the drumming session.

South Africa will never be the same again as Heavy Metal rules !

The Great Silence: