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Respect Silence Particles (Bandcamp 2012)

   It’s the fault of insane duo who loves to cranking their metallic roots deeper that your service of religious law-acts and beliefs can’t reach; as Patrick for riffs and screams and Chad for beats and yells gathering their purulent excitements on grinding the seminal Hardcore/Sludge/Death Metal and Thrash-core posts of ideas onto the self-recording release for this Death N’ Roll or D-beats extravaganza noise disturbance via Extreme Heavy Metal genre fusion off Minneapolis, Minnesota told the background story taken place in the future era where humans did migrating farther the cosmos and assimilating with other alien beings to ruling "planet something" but when the grand-master falsely, got impeached by the rebels; the advance plus dump-yard landscapes turning violent like Welcome Nightmare record tells here.
   Malignant creepy creatures enslaving the native people as replacing peace and safety within tortures and flesh consuming – soon terra-forming the good planet onto a total annihilated dangerous prison/port to anchor your ships. Bastard mobs and bounty hunters mating with female human; creating more deformed children and slave stocks as Hadwringer, Pillar Of Dust, Infamous Horde and Wolfpack Legion roaming the streets and skies with Dissident Clone project of non-humanity living club. 

In case you need to located for immediate reasons – if there’s none, don’t go there alone. 

Welcome Nightmare: