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Rennrad Kosmopolit (Self-Released 2015)

   Totally worth a listening fight on making yourself panting as the beginning riffs struck down the stereo system granted to have them on your catalog this month as reasons to get stoned is the first thing to choose while having the self-outer space opens across the atmosphere as the Brunswick, Germany crew naming themselves Fuzziebar shows their alarming keys to the word “epic” in much blowing sense on almighty delivers of Stoner-Punk music played by a trio of Michael on drums, Ingo the guitarist/vocalist and Lennart the bass player and vocals as being helped by the special jamming team-mates like Graf Koks, Ronny Wurstbasar and Tatiamo Tetrapack for the brass-sections off Hannover area comes louder and stranger in that looks of a hybrid astronaut figure between humanoid and animal or creature as the sparkling electrified magnetic fields or energy goes out to amaze us on Lach-Und Krachgeschichten (Laughter and Noise Stories) gave the audiences thus grungy admission and melodic harmony emulsion as the propelling blasts of rocking tunes written there by imagination of a space journey in a one way ticket via Oszillation, Furry Love, Links Baby, Medizin, Katapult, Stevia and Vomit and Automat.

One thinks that everyone deserves to be saved ? No one will approving to be agreed on that concept anymore – today !