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Reitnov Flashpoint (Virgin/EMI 2002)

   Seen the future as far as the new millennium era where Rollerball is the favorable huge and popular blood-sports held like a touring delegacy of athletes and superstars like Jonathan Cross former NHL player, Marcus Ridley and many more of players like these Zhambel Horsemen of Kazakhstan in highly paid, severed injuries, extraordinary extension of motorcycles involve in the game to scoring as many as you can while the local players get a lower payment and most of the time riots from the arena or the spectators bench. Heavy Metal music becoming the regular background on this barbaric events but everyone loves it.
With his team-mates like the hot female biker Aurora “The Black Widow”, Katya Dobolakova, Lucia Ryjker or Oleg Denekin being the slave for making money to the wicked promoter Alexi Petrovich and his assistant Sanjay as rating on every television channels rising up higher with the tricky event to hurt or kill some of the players on live broadcast shows makes Jonathan pukes as he found out and even almost becoming another victim like his team-mates in gory accidents. 
With Ridley , they then decided to flee out of the country as the vested popularity of the game to be cynical and opportunistic sacrificing everyone as long as the big greedy dealers in gambling society gets more money. 
   The riot erupts after the game stops and the fights begin between players, spectators, police and the bodyguards as the end results of thus horde anger leans on closing the place in destruction and killing Alexi as Jonathan and Aurora escapes in their car; living free in that muted society of political overtones on a future dystopian realm through Rollerball movie. 
Much actions, sweats and blood as well as sensuality and explicit language crossing to the soundtrack of both scoring music and various artist tracks composed by Eric Serra and displaying Letzgo, Kwinsky, Serokin, Eghnev to Koshmor or Shreflov instrumentally counts the beginning to the end scores but those metallic angst formats via Drowning Pool, Slipknot, Hardknox, P.O.D onto Rob Zombie’s Feel So Numb or Never Gonna Stops (The Red Red Kroovy) and of course, Fear Factory and Godsmack to Sen Dog and Pillar filling in the album collision towards the iron ball banging bells to the tight costumes by the chick rollers and the crowds gone mad to be entertained over this shit.