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Quid Pro Quo (Not On Label 2017)

   Alternative Metal collaboration between the two fanatic fans of Rock Music from Planet Earth or North America locations been kindly, enclosing the infamous guitarist Jarrod Alonge and Lauren Babic the dark-haired female vocalist bursting the high-out lungs screaming to the growls effectively – for inviting the listeners to head-banging harder like the band’s music calling themselves as the gang of character of the meanest in Tokyo via Kill Bill series as CrazyEightyEight and this Post-Hardcore EP of these non-japanese crew roaming and ramming your stereo within thus four tracks of the self-written by that horns up and fast beats coming like an avalanche from above the mountains firing the sky in order to showing you all their ability here through Tommy’s Planet, You Were Right and Seven Six Two taken from this album of No Words Spoken.

Waiting for the next female lead singer to teaching the world to rock again after Amy Lee’s vanishing points.

No Words Spoken: