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Quicky Low B (Independent 2017)

   Yup, not your regular metallic Thrashers doing their fuckin’ riff-age music sounds over the good Intro in one minute longer but writing those humorous parody over the society and daily struggles on maintaining freedom with violence from the regime government seems to be a choice made for these duo of Crossover Thrash group from Beijing named Bob Blockhead Quartet (B.B.Q) to handling their awesome destructive disturbance music products by self-written/arrangement resulting the self-titled album from Awesome (guitars, bass, drum programming) and vocalist Cock Puncher whom singing or quarreling in both English lyrics and Chinese local cursing conversations as the crazy ride bash-ridden deformation of chaos meets the reality both spawning those seventeen tracks ramming stinky vagina like animals or hitting police car and make great explosion scarring the entire surroundings as The Gap Analysis for Korean & Peking BBQ, Bockhead v Sucker: Dawn of Stupidity, Consumerism, Groupie, Shabi Style, Rockbands From Birmingham even Sex Education for Adults and Metal Up Your Ass or the silly - BassPlayer Wanted; regaining the sudience trust to have a quality time listening for the recording pusher with better sounds (and) addiction for D.U.T  (Drive under Thrash) moments via the album.

Bob Blockhead Quartet: