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Pumpkin Pie (Bandcamp 2014)

Classic Folk-Pop meeting between the sixties sounds to this modern millennium catches your ears by the philosophy of happiness joy tracks from the performance by Sara Castro on vocals and acoustic guitar as well as Marco Castro on acoustic guitar, bongo cajon and back-up vocals or percussion with the help from much musicians over their recording fun record as The Castro with drummer Noel Tolson, slappin da bass player Jeff DeBoer or cello player Andrew Gordon-Seifert and ukulele/electric guitar player Brian Skeel playing their favorable harmonies tuning song-written musical on My Dear – the album.

Lovely, spring themes to summer’s delighted sunshine skies as colors bleaching the atmosphere and the horizon even you’re turning upside down with the purple clouds and sun flower smiling to the trees surrounding your small house – the impact of these peaceful tracks sounding gladness and reflections via Forgive Me, Secret Song, Savannah (bonus track) as well as the sweet vocals mesmerizing the feelings amend to be cured by an alternate Pop-tunes or Indie-Folk music upbeat from the duo especially, for you. 

My Dear: