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Prunus Spinosa (In Pulverem Mortis Productions 2017)

   Learning Latin language of the ancient demonic era, lately ? If not it’s alright because whether you can translate things written and needs to spoke out aloud like the invocation spells to make this ritual works for summoning the bad seeds and terrifying things comes out from the hell bent dimension, “admirabile est nomen ex decreto sarcomortii concilli tridenti dominus domine aspectabilem exultate in fame decet mortem collaudatio gloria …” like a deceiving possession from the three unholy figures hailed from Madrid, Spain as Qayin Regis releasing their Black Metal extremist militant of mayhem through Blackthorn – the album makes your evening gone worsen and dangerous as Sublime Tirannus of Vedma on vocals, Patriach Venerable Saturn on drums and Sovereign Pontiff Aheraaz performing all guitars/bass blazing their basher sounds in terrorizing screams for this mini recording scatters in opening tracks Niantiel come and goes for about nine minutes and twenty-six seconds or Sceptre of The Shadow of Death in second by number demolishing thus six minutes and twenty-five second destruction to the core. Man must die and slaughtered as offerings for gods and masters of this universe.