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Preta Carnate (Self-Released 2017)

   Two piece on Death Metal mayhem duet from Sioux Falls, South Dakota don’t have to try harder not to becoming themselves and Michael Iverson and Nick Murphy would totally rules the audiences of small basic listeners on them respecting Tanakh as a band of the underground scene whose playing, written, recording and mix-mastered all of their materials that conjunct to Atmospheric Doomy Death Metal for the album entitled Chameleonic.

   Greenish, moss-like or lime-stone rock designs which showing the occultism sign not far for the front cover photography in menacing to reduced the elimination of extreme bursts sounds awakening your minds up through No Goodbyes, Space Case, Geneticide or Homage as well as Leadbased makes the existence of Tanakh re-touching the ground and the sky over thus crushing, haunting, empowering and perfect destruction captured by the pulses of Heavy Metal rhetoric track-lists on the record grinding slow.