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Pray For Horizon (SkyQode 2016)

   Mental Discipline or Alex Mental distinguished remarkable consistency on creating this high demands for the fans in collaboration with Swedish singer Tess Fries within thus great remixes assembly through warming up stereo album as teaser products here on these thirteen tracks for this - Precious Paradise showing you the Future Pop and Progressive House connections party-bangers sound and eternal stone of presence power like ice force vibrating the fusion melodic and harmony pads fixation formats onto We Are No Machine, WDYWFM (feat. Spektralized)/(Assamblage 23 Remix), Fall To Pieces (Warmer Remix), Butterlfy (Unity One Remix) as well as Give Me A Memory or Pain & Regrets goes on and on flushing your imagination out and in like the wave of the beaches swirling or splashing in echoed sounds of Electronic given the taste of weekend feels like romantically eternal along the winter beginning for this.

Precious Paradise: