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Pray For Arrival (Metal Blade Records 1990)

   Legacy never really fades away as the Kentucky’s formed Heavy metal band of Progressive and Heavy Metal blended crew led by brothers Eric on guitars and Glen Cook on bass guitar adding some complete line-ups that same year around eighty-two with second guitar player Chuck Gollar and Brian Goins on vocals to drummer Jay Simpson through the mid of their career send to the public the second latest objective records which not really facing interests since the Alternative Rock took over the throne from Heavy Metal music but still there’s some listeners eager to willing for giving likes to Programmed even though Progressive Metal seems to be deader at that time. 
   Only the die hard fans would go playing Plan For Peace, Another Day, Fire in Your Skin, Obscure The Sky onto What They’ve Done as well Immune grows the high techniques originals from the group trying hard to put the higher tones and pitched solos over the simplicity of the riffs honesty that buried Lethal like others to the underground again. 

Hopefully, Killing Machine would still tearing your metallic collection apart in loud modes.